OMG! tmw I will take the Economics exam.

last term i didn’t get a high mark so I hope I can improve my marks

pls wish me luck tmr…:))

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May Ball Party

Last week, I went to the May Ball party of Bellerbys College call: A night in Paris. It was so much fun and a good experience of my student life in England.
The Party was held at 7.00pm and when I went there it about 8.30. I know it quite late actually the reason for this is I waited for my firiend who was 2 girls and I knew it Girls always to thing slowly but I wasn’t expected that long. However, the party last untill 11.30pm and I still had a such good time with my friends and my classmates and we took a lot of nice photo.
After the party, I and my friends to go club where the singer Katy B was a special guest. That was the only time I saw the nightclub full of people and It hard to find a place to stand…:D


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My second term

27/05/11, at this time I almost finish my 2nd term of business foundation. I didn’t expect this term is going to fast because usually I study 1 term in 12 weeks so that I can have enough time to get on week the new thing such as new subjects. However, in this short time I’m very appreciate which I have learnt during this period and realise how much teacher care about every students.

C.I.T and Business Math

First of all, this term was easier for me than the previous one because I already finished 2 subjects which I found hard to study is: Economics and Business Study. By contrast, I studied 2 new subjects is: C.I.T and Business Math, this two really interesting because I have a change to study more about computer such as: Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Microsoft excel. In addition, C.I.T also helps me to improve my present skill in front of people which I used to felt nervous and stressful. Moreover, the best thing about CIT is that you won’t have the final exam which always unlucky for me because I fell nervous and cannot concentrates. Nevertheless,  C.I.T also a hard subject because it have a lot of writing assignment every week, this getting harder and longer when I got to the end of term (from 150words to 600 words).In addition, business math is the change for me to improve my scores last term which I didn’t do so well. I found that business math have some points similar with Mathematics I have learnt in my high school. This is the reason why I can do it better and develop my analysis skill as well as logical skill during the subject. I have learnt math in business which quite knew for me and different from mathematics in high school in that I can apply this into the business in order to counting the profit and loss.

FES2 and student’s life

 On the other hand, I have to study harder in order to get a high math in the Ielts exam this month to pass the requirement of the university. In FES 2, I have an enthusiasm teacher who very friendly, and care so much about her each student. She encourages me to work harder. The result of this is that my reading and writing is getting better as long as my grammar is correctly I can get a high math such as 7.0 Ielts. Studying in England is the chance for me to start a new life: new place, different language, and new friends. Making friend is must be the hardest part for me because I kind of quite person, I want to thing in my own but things have changed when I met my classmates. They really friendly, funny, have a good sense of humours and this make me fell comfortable and wanted to start a conversation. Few weeks ago, my class had a small party where everyone in class and my tutor had dinner in Yeomen Sussex restaurant where I had the biggest burger in my life and it was really delicious while my classmates order difference dishes have fish which really tasty and it have some things from the east but I cannot describe.

Yeomen restaurant.


Finally, even though this term is shorter than usual but is long enough to realise how important every single subjects provides for me. Is not only what I learnt in the book but also the experience I can use in the social. Punctuation, work in group, writing assignment, analysis… all this skills will help me a lot when I go to university.

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CIT class

20/05/11, Studying in Bellerbys, I have learnt business’s subjects such as:Fes, Economic, Accounting, Business Study, business math and C.I.T. In C.I.T, it very different form another subjects because in this I can study about the IT world with mean I have a chance to improve my computer skills like using Words, Excel, PowerPoint and get me more confident when I present a presentation. The thing I like best about this is there are no final exam and teacher mark all the assignment during the course and this make me feel less pressure. The most difficult I find is the presentation, I have done two presentations during the course but I still feel nervous and shaking when I stand in front of all my classmates. One reason for this is my speaking; I need to practise more in order to make people easy to listen and do more exercise about PowerPoint which can help a lot in my presentation. On the other hand, I getting to know more about excel which I didn’t use much in the past because I didn’t how useful it is. Finally, C.I.T is the most exciting class I took part in where I can improve my knowledge of computer and IT. This will helps me in the future.

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Main subject in the college

08/05/2011, I am studying Foundation year of Business in Bellerbys College, my main aim is that I can understand about how to do the business and then I can start my own one when I have been fully prepare. After finished 1 term, I learnt Economic, Accounting, Business studies. Personally, I found that economic is the hardest subjects for me more than another because it makes me think further what I have been taught in class, which I have to find in reality. The problems I had with are finding the keywords and academic language and the main reason is my limit vocabulary. In addition, In FES 1, my English teacher told me that my biggest weakness is reading. Therefore, to improve my English skill and my vocabulary, I have to try harder than I did before, practise more and go to library more often looking for another resource which can help me in my subjects. I strongly believe that with my effort and helping from my teacher in can do it better.

bellerbys College Brighton. Source:

bellerbys College Brighton. Source:

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Differences between Home and the UK

Having enjoyed the education in the UK, I can see the difference between studying in Vietnam from studying here. When I was studying in high school, my class had 50 students with the traditional teaching method is: students copy what teacher said and written in black board. While I was in the UK to study ELP, my class had 11 peoples, I actually had a good relationship with my teacher as if my friend, one of my teachers in ELP had made me surprise because she was the one who cares a lot about us and encourage us to study harder and harder every day. However, I still can find the similar point is the workload, teachers give me the homework every day and it became really hard when I reach to higher level.  On the other hand, studying abroad is a chance for me to make friends not only British but also Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian…And now, I have really good friends who is Chinese and Brazilian, thus far it helps me to know more about the culture and the people of the countries I haven’t come

School trip: Arundel Castel.


My Brizilian friend: Felipe.

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First Impressions

September 2010, 5.00 in the morning, that exactly the time my plane took off, I still remembered on that day it was slight rain and all the way to Brighton, It seem to be I was watching a documentary about England from car-window. When I already arrived toBrighton, I was impressed by its beautiful scenery. Brighton Pier, which is the one ofBrightonsymbol where is very famous for tourist in the summer, from here I can see the view of the city where I found it quite similar with my hometown where have a wonderful beach too.

Brighton Pier.

Studying in England is a big chance for me to get a higher knowledge, I want to study in university because it not only provides me a better career but also I can have life-experiences, improving my communication skill, make friends with different nationality. When I finish university, I hope to find a job as an economist for one or two years. This will be a valuable experience for me when I eventually return to Vietnam and start my own business

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